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18 Volt Cordless Power Tools

20 Volt Li-Ion Brushless Impact Wrench

18 Volt Li-Ion 3 in 1 Brushless motor cut-off angle grinder / polisher / sander


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? High-performance intelligent controller that provides 10 times longer motor life and 2 times run time.
? Convenient left and right auxiliary side-handles
? The smallest handle design is ergonomic and is the best in its class.
? Quick stop design, stop the grinding wheel in 2 seconds.
? Unlockable safety switch to prevent the tool is running inappropriately.
? Soft start and soft brake design to reduce the vibrations & inertial motion of tool.
? Removable dust screen prevents dust from cooling system and increases motor life.
? Quick release cover design for quick adjustment of protection angle.
Motor : 18 Voltage
Grinding wheel: 4-1/2" (115mm) / 5" (125mm)
Spindle Thread: M14
No Load Speed: Angle Grinder : (1) 800rpm (2) 1,500rpm (3) 3,500rpm (4) 4,500rpm (5) 5,500rpm (6) 7,000rpm
Cutting Depth : 1-3/16" (31mm)
Battery Model No. : B188 (3.0Ah), B18B (4.0Ah), B18D (5.0Ah)
Charger Model No. : C189
Net weight (w/o battery) : 1.98 kg